May. 7th, 2010

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My knowledge of astrology is pretty basic; I can draw up a birth chart & interpret a little.

thank heavens (hee!) for t'internet, whe you can just look stuff up, & that is how I found out I have 'Lilith in Scorpio'!

and this is what it says:

This position warns that it is especially important to be careful about relationships and habits. At worst you may face the threat of involvement in mafia structures. It is important to learn from the early childhood to gain control over jealousy, aggression, passions, and fears. This position may witness contacts with the black magic. You may have been involved in this during your past lives. You may have been a victim, an initiator, or a consumer of the black magic. This life may echo this experience. You may face strong opposition and persecution in this life. It may simply seem that you do not deserve this. Nevertheless this may be the retribution for the past mistakes. In this life you should avoid any contacts with magic, martial arts, and suspicious companies. You may get involved in a dangerous and harmful activity, which may bring disastrous effects. Avoid participation in risky and sharp situations. You should aim for harmony, peace, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, and moderation. Develop the perception of a peaceful and harmonious reality. Learn to value what you already have.
Lilith positioned in Scorpio is also linked to sadism and debauchery. In this life you may be prone to these qualities or you may suffer from genital diseases. You should avoid living in dark premises, cellars, or basements. Your living place should be close to nature. You should live in an open space. The sun should reach it.
Avoid any forms of dirt. You will definitely face it. Do not start analyzing the source of it. Do not start asking what it is or why you deserve it and etc. This analysis may bring you to the dark world. Simply retreat and give neither prominence nor space for all this in your life.
It is advisable to avoid black and brown colors in your outfit and environment."

oh dear.

I think that advice should have reached me sooner.

Meanwhile, here is one of my favourite aspects of Lilith.


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