Apr. 30th, 2010

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when I should be working, i'm often nosying around t'internet, & I especially enjoy reading things like Jillian venters site....Today she was talking about faux pas amongst Young Gothlings (she refers to them as Babybats)

so i thought i'd compile my own Confessional: The Things I did That make me Squirm with Embarassment!

1. used to favour bare feet & tatters & spent practically a year only dressing in white.

2. i used to exist on dry toast (because that was what catherine earnshaw ate) and hot chocolate (because that was all carmilla drank. Emerald green toe nails too, because of sally Bowles - I was all about Literary References!

3. OF COURSE I wrote poems; i still have a battered journal full of them & Tortured Thoughts too. Its not to hand, or I'd share one with you, but they were all along the lines of 'lost in sadness, i sing to a bitter sky & pray to die'. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

4. I once pretended to be Russian & even had an accent.

5. Had,and frequently wore until i was in my mid 20's, long velvet dresses , usually in purple, that I made sure to trail along the ground. I once told someone i wanted to create the impression i'd just crawled out of the tomb! I was 20 at the time; there's no excuse!!!

of course, i still stand by some things i did....i still love to dress up, i still love a particular aesthetic, i still love to read ghost stories & go for walks at dusk & watch the bats come out & listen to Dead Can Dance etc etc etc but i'm old enough now to know the difference between doing such things because i love it & not because I'm just trying to create an impression (although I still do enjoy sometimes creating a particular impression!)


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