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I'd certainly give it a answer doesn't depend upon other people it wouold depend upon how long I remain curiousity keeps me going now!

the current object of my affection is Lucien....I want a framed photograph of him for my new desk.

Things on my To Do List for the final week of my Summer Holiday include
# collect blackberries from graveyard for spooky cookery
# investigate fangs for Vampire Ball
# throw the I Ching
# new clothings for work..there is a new dress code now we are an Academy...I am going to use Lilith as my style model (lilith from 'Cheers' not Lilith from Mesopotamia)
# watch 'Nightwatch' and 'Daywatch' and drink vodka

Things that I have done this Summer

# ghost-dowsing
# visited ruined castles in thunderstorms
# fabulous day in York - the Evil Eye and Guy Fawkes especially wonderful - but day plagued by curious time shifts (stolen time?)
# my little sister's in kilts! hair extensions! geordies in her garden pond! haunted bedroom!
# cemetaries with Recovering Goths and those of us who are NOT Goth
# bellydancers!
# Ankaret,Bryony & Max
# Northumbrian beaches
# hot chocolate
# scared by owl screech
# Inception?????????????
# Belsay Hall and its utter amazingness
# baking cakes
# 'Boudoir' by Vivienne westwood
# Battoo

things I have NOT done however

# lost weight (hah!)
# detoxed & decluttered (hah! hah!)
# finished renovating/redecorating house....this is NOT MY FAULT!!! (plumber broke ankle, roofer gone surfing)
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scary mascara eyes
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when i was a litle girl, i hated my real name & thought Sukey (as in the nuersery rhyme 'Polly put the kettle on, sukey take it off again')was the most wonderful name imaginable. I'd call myself Sukey, i'd call my dolls sukey and Sukey was the heroine's name in all my stories.

At the age where I was discovering experimental handwriting - you know the age; flowers & stars where you dot the 'i's', spiralling loops and so forth - I was also discovering experimental spellings & changed Sukey to Tzuki, because I thought it more exotic.

Years later, I found out it meant 'moon' in japanese.......the 17 is just my birthday, but its kind of got Tarotish associations too.


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