Jun. 30th, 2010

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1 – What is your dream job?

ah, in my dream job I am employed to research things...I have an office of my own & see no one unless I choose to. I have an unlimited expense account. I am set a task, perhaps given an artefact. I have to find out everything I can & then present my findings. If we are being completely Dream Job, then obviously I'm only asked to research things I find interesting!

2 – The colour Pink – are you a fan, or should it not be allowed?

the pink of winter morning skies, sugar mice, fragranced rose petals, cream soda cocktails, the edge of daisies? why yes allow pink!

3 – If you could swap lives with someone (anyone) for a day, who would you choose?

having read too many Cautionary Tales as a child, I'd have to make all kinds of conditions when making my choice...can I choose myself age 17, with full access to horses, the sea & absolutely no responsibilities or fears at all? If that is cheating, I'll choose Rachel Brice.

4 – What is your favourite meal you like to make?

to make? I don't much care to cook but possibly toasting at an open fire will count. My favourite thing to eat are hazelnuts! And chocolate.

5 – What was your first pet?

As a child, a cat called Tiger and a couple of dogs, Gin and Cappy. Tiger used to put his dead - and sometimes not quite dead- prey in the bathtub so there was always that to deal with every day.


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