May. 3rd, 2010

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on May Day morning i have always washed my face in the dew, & Saturday was no exception. I'd woken with a dreadful headache, but this little ritual helped and then I made a cup of tea & got dressed.

As i walked up into Haworth I saw a friend aranging a stall under a gazebo. She works at the playhouse & explained she was renting authentic vintage costumes for Haworth's 1940's weekend. So I had a bit of a rummage & came away with a 'fox fur'; the apostrophesa because it is no fox, it is grey, huge & i couldn't resist having such Carpathian company.

Then I bought rose perfume & walked home.

I watched an episisode of Sherlock holmes (Jeremy Brett era) and then a hailstorm began.

I fell asleep on the sofa after lunch (pea soup) then woke up & began to get ready for an adventure out in the evening; seeing friends I haven't seen in months.

But my headache had returned & I felt so flat & unusually tired. even their sparkling company couldn't liven me, so I came home after an hour or so.

To find that i was locked out!!

so, I knew my neighbour had a key...called round to collect it & was invited in & shown photographs of her son, who died last year. Photographs of him dying, dead then laid out in his coffin.

Needless to say, despite my fondness for the Strange and Unusual, this didn't help my fragile state & I had a feverish & hallucinatory night of bad dreams & terrors of the grave!

My neighbour is a lovely woman & I'm fond of her, but her Catholicism worries reminds me of all the things i've renounced. maybe when i'm old, i'll do an Anne Rice?


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