Mar. 28th, 2010

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my Best Friend & I met up by chance in the railway station this morning, both of us setting off to looking for wigs (!?!) and she looking for a funeral outfit (for the best kind of funeral: elderly grandmother, died in her sleep after long, happy life)

B. F. had been to a party the night before; a fancy dress party with the theme 'Come as You Were'. i asked how she'd dressed. 'oh' she replies airily, ' i went as a Goth; i wore one of my wigs & black dresses'. I gave her abit of a LOOK, but said nothing & off we went to spend money in Leeds. I bought 4 black dresses, a pair of black sandles and a black parasol-type umbrella. And so did she.

we went to Revolution and drank violet-flavoured vodka shots.

we mooched around HMV and dithered over Dimmu Borgir & discussed the pros & cons of the March Violets.

we discussed funeral etiqette.

we looked for wigs, but found none & she suggested i buy some turquoise clip-in extensions...she said she could chip in towards them, so we had joint custody.

I asked her on the way home, are you sure we are NOT GOTH???? and she reassured me that we are not, but I am thinking we are both getting too old to deny the tendancies! (and like all true goths are both quick to deny it, whilst also saying, 'i don't care to be labelled!') What do you think, Steve?


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