Feb. 17th, 2010

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a way of life has come to an end. I haven't hennaed my hair for months and every time i visit the hairdresser now, i get a little more cut off. On Friday -the day after tomorrow!- I will have it dyed, for the first time in 20 years! and cut into a Louise Brooks style bob!!! EEK!!!

Its not really exciting; its actually abit depressing, as I loved having long hennared hair, but I don't want orange roots (as I'm starting to get grey strands)so I think a dramatic slam of the hairstlye door is in order!

A History of my Hair

age 14: long, waist length, hennaed, crimped & backcombed. think Kate Bush.

age 19: I used to sew in little bits of silver jewelry; a lot of backcombing, more henna, scarves. think Strawberry Switchblade!

age 22: I cut it for my wedding day! but it is still long & hennaed.

age 26 -32 the dreadlock'd years.think The Wolfgirl in Company of Wolves!

age 32, one summers day I asked a barber to SHAVE IT ALL OFF!(Think Sinead O Conner) And he did too.

as soon as it was long enough I dyed it black THEN hip-length black hairextensions. Think Siouxsie.

aged 34 ish back to the henna/ fighting or encouraging dreadlocks;think, mmn? a Brian Froud faery.

aged 46....the first grey strands appear,now think Lulu, think Pandora's Box & try not to get maudlin over the inevitability of time passing so relentlessly etc etc etc


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