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My doctor has forbidden me to speak a word for the time being as my vocal chords are so damaged.
Was it the throat/chest infection? Was it a clove cigarette too many? Was it singing Living on a Prayer at the End of Term do?

Whatever it was, it is difficult NOT to speak....and, curiously, i find other people either i) start wispering to me(?!?) ii) speak to me as if I had severe learning difficulties or iii) ask me questions, usually too complex to answer with a nod or shake of the head!

T. is out this evening seeing an ACDC tribute band 'Highway to Hull'. Obviously i am happy not to be accompanying him.

I have discovered I can now wear Chanel No 5, if I wanted to. It never worked well before, but seems to suit my middle-aged skin.

Current Preoccupations: 'What Katy Did';patchouli incense;the wonderful wild weather; Tishbite Evangeline Ghastly.

oh, and I no longer have an office...we, as a department, now have a whole room to ourselves for hanging out in; so I have a corner drapped with green sari fabric (house colour -green & silver - just like Slytherin! Hurrah!) and, for the educational benefit of the Twilight generation, some lovely photographs of Bela Lugosi, Max Shreck and Gary oldman's Brides.

On tuesday, i may or may not have to take a school trip to see.....ECLIPSE!!! I am however quite interested in seeing what Pete Murphy is up to and I will see if I can find myself a 'Team Jacob' t-shirt this weekend.

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